Starting with the Basics

The Influence

  • called “Kiryadu Irrialus” in Old Miir, the language of the first colonists of the Irrimiir [pronounced: “e-rim-ear”] to Irria (to be explained later)

“Kiryadu Irrialus” means “Influence of Kiryan”, it is used to explain the force that permeates the world.  It can be harnessed to call winds and lightning, summon fire and ice, and, at even higher levels, heal wounds and control existing objects.

Nearly every race on Irria can use some level of Influence.  The exceptions include a few of the Low-Races: the Valgus that span every continent of Irria, the Skavirn of Celvacean, and other races not developed enough to be known under a centralized name.

The Irrimiir have the strongest and purest form of Irrialus on Irria.  The Ka of Rymoril, one of the Low-Races which we will be exploring throughout the month, have a special form of Influence that gives them an edge in their style of combat.  The Rivvaar [re-var] are the less “Influential” of the High-Races which consists of only the Irrimiir and the Rivvaar.  Most of the Low-Races have even less control of the Irrialus than the Rivvaar, making them even less of a threat to the Irrimiir.


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