The Ka Elites: Umun-Ka (pt. 1)

As I have already made mention (I hope..might have to go back and check) the Ka have a different way of Influencing the world.  Rather than creating various elements (fire, water, wind, etc.) they find it easier to work with the things already placed in the world; if I would have to describe it in one word, I would have to say it is similar to “telekinesis”.

Thankfully, it is so much more.  The Ka can swin faster than most ships by Influencing the water and block attacks with the earth among other things.  But,  just like any group, some Ka are more Influential than others.  The potential Ja-Umun-Ka are handpicked by a pre-existing Umun-Ka at the age of 20 from amongst the six tribes to undergo a century-long training regimine that would undeniably kill even the strongest of any other races.  When the training is done, the Ka that are unleashed can block any attack with the very air around him and can fight for days before succuming to fatigue. 

The only record of an Umun-Ka being bested was during a skirmish between Irrimiir border patrols and a Umun-Ka travelling on a fishing vessel.  The Umun-Ka had already destroyed three of the Irrimiir skiffs when he was dragged under the water by one of the Savazi, a monstrous sea-serpent that is known to stalk the seas between Hemuria and Rymoril.

Part Two will be published within the next 3 days (Important test is tommorow, so I planning on not thinking for all the rest of Saturday).


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