The Umun-Ka (Part 2)

(I must start off with an apology; I know I said that I would write this yesterday but complications arose. And by complications, I mean, I forgot. But here it is and hopefully absence made the heart grow fonder.)

The Ka, generally, stay within the limitations of the tribe they are born into, of which there are four major tribes and about six minor ones. However, when the potential Umun-Ka are picked from amongst the children, they lose their tribe names in an attempt to bond the initiates to each other and to the order. And the Umun-Ka is an order; a warrior monastic order in service to their single deity, Oruh-pel.

The Ka population was once polytheistic but they forsook those gods when the idea of controlling one’s murderous impulses became common and popular. The ideology behind their deities was as simplistic as they were and, thus, the Ka’s adoption of a single deity is indicative of their maturation as a species; something that belies their label as a Low Race.

I think the next post might contain a little bit of the history of the Ka as a people but everything is still up in the air. Until the sun rises again, my friends.

–“Tyuma, let us see the stars. Kiryan, guide us in the morning sun.”


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