The Ka

The most prolific and promising of the Nemiir (the Old Miir name for the Low Races which means “No People”). The average lifespan for a Ka is a little over half a millennium or about 700 years. The oldest recorded in the various tribes reach the age of 1000, however; there are some that remember hearing stories of their grandparents watching the Irrimiir beginning to arrive on their island home of Rymoril. Their long lives often translate to long memories and even longer grudges. Some feuds have even lasted for centuries.

Physical description:
-stand usually between 8-10ft tall
-two small horns stack one above the other, much like those of a rhinoceros, in the middle of the face.
-tough, leathery skin; olive-green to mud-brown in complexion
-about half a ton of pure muscle
-eyes are usually completely black except for a red iris when their anger takes hold of them (a very “visual” tell of when to leave a Ka alone)

The Ka have genetically evolved to be extremely aggressive in order to counteract their long lives and multitudinous children. But they developed their own monotheistic religion about three thousand years ago (not that long ago by Ka standards) which worships one deity that rewards them for peaceful interactions and blesses those that die in honorable war. The religion stresses the need to suppress their violent tendencies in their everyday lives.

The Ka are tied in a confederacy of four major tribes (Drajakn, Vuxol, Yuxj, and Umulun) and six minor tribes (Hu-ryum, Tirbiri, Fulpi, Muunbeq, Naza, and Dirumunu). Each of the tribes are autonomous except for the times when an outside threat affects the entire population. In times past, the tribes fought each other in land disputes but that has been circumvented by the establishment of a rudimentary diplomatic service in the last 20 years.


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