The (Irrimiir) Timeline

A brief look at the irrimiir timeline so readers can gain perspective on the length of the world and the relative reigns of the various empires that governed the world:

  • year 0: the beginning of recorded irrimiir history
  • year 120: the first encounter between the vuniir and irrimiir
  • year 1006: the official start of the Sigil Wars
  • year 1203: Teyin the Gods’-blessed is born
  • year 1227: Teyin assumes control of the combined irrimiir armies
  • year 1250: the vuniir king is murdered by a small group of irrimiir assassins led by Teyin
  • year 1251: marks the beginning of the end of the vuniirs’ rule
  • year 1308: a peace treaty is signed between the irrimiir and what is left of the vuniir race
  • year 1400: the last vuniir, Alamon Tonozo ni Greett, dies
  • year 1650: the irrimiir find a desert city in Delamra and make it their seat of power
  • year 1707: official start to the Extermination Wars between the irrimiirs and the kaa* on Rymoril
  • year 1805: treaty signed that bequeaths 45% of southeastern Rymoril to kaa
  • year 2674: current times

This is only one of this world’s timelines; I will be making one that makes a basic chronicle of the  ravvaar* [pronounced: “rah-far”], the vuniir, and the kaa.  Stay tuned.

*Note: I’m sure some might have noticed the different spellings of some of the races.  They are intentionally; I modified some of them to suit the ideas I have for these characters.  The “rivvaar” have become the “ravvaar” and the “ka” have become the “kaa”.  I hope the changes have rattled you too much.


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