The Fleet (part 1)


The Fleet is a band of completely seafaring people who compromise a portion of every country.  Each member of the Fleet has forsaken life on the land in lieu of the constant sway and salty spray of the seas.

The members of the Fleet, or Fleeters as they call themselves, are very tight-knit but also, generally, very welcoming and friendly.  Though enlistment rates (the phrase to use to describe newcomers that decide to join the Fleet) have been low in the last few decades, the Fleet is still a formidable force, number at nearly fifteen hundred (1500) ships.  The low enlistment rates are understandable as the requirement for joining the fleet is owning your own sea-faring ship; a costly venture for many of the poorer-class that would wish to join and a nearly profitless endeavor the already-wealthy.  However, once one is able to join the Fleet, they will be welcomed and taken care of by all of the members.

Specialized Jobs:

Though, as previously mentioned, many Fleeters never leave their ships, there is a special profession among them that does: the Renewers.  The Renewers are specially chosen (nominated and voted for by the rest of the Fleet) for their exceptional diplomacy, eloquence, and market savvy.  These traits are especially prized for this role because the Renewers’ job is to head on land to scavenge or purchase(or possibly even steal) materials needed for repairs among the various vessels of the Fleet.

The Renewers are given a portion of the Fleet’s annual tax collection to purchase an appointed, necessary resource.  The Renewers heavy purses often make them prime targets for thieves and thugs, usually shortening the life expectancy of the position to about 12 years if the individual is lucky.


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