The Palisade of Fogs

The four continents and their oceans are surrounded by a massive wall of thick fog and treacherous currents that can dash a ship against the monolithic rocks that spasmodically dot the tumultuous waters or rip ships apart by the force of the water alone.  Perpetually forks of lightning and constant claps of disorienting thunder prevent even flying creatures from passing through this area.        This sailors’ nightmare, called the Palisade of Fogs or simply the Fogs, has stood for as long as history has been recorded.  Many intrepid explorers have attempted to navigate the area bur have been swallowed whole by the misty terror; even drawing near to the edge of the Fogs is a feat.  Furious cross winds and gigantic whirlpools and eddies pockmark those seas.  Even these areas have a name amongst sailors: the Edges of Lost Ships or, as it is more commonly called, the Edges.

There is a legend that one explorer, the famous navigator Jeric vin Intrepid c’vin Intrepid II, found a tortuous secret path through the Palisade of Fogs.  The path is called the Myst Gates but none have found this fabled route and Jeric himself cannot affirm the rumors as no “reliable” sources have been confirmed to have seen Jeric on Irria for centuries.  Without substantial proof of the existence of the Myst Gates, navigators have erred on the safe side and have placed buoys along the Edges warning passing ships that are about to enter the Fogs.  Novice navigators are taught early on in their training a little rhyme to caution them to avoid the Fogs: “Fog is fine in swamp or fen.  But on the seas, then plot again.”


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