Sorry for the Disappearance…

I know I’ve been gone for a long time but the world outside of Irria conspired to withhold me from adding to the site.  I will be making it so that I can send in post via email, so that there will not be such a drought again.

On another note, I have two things to mention:

1.  The Nemiir

I think it is time to unveil a new wing of the Library!  I will be dedicating the rest of this year to the Nemiir, or Low-Races.  I will fill in information about the wolf-like valga, the emaciated skavirn, the ferocious g’urri, and many other of the races that populate the countries of Irria.  Don’t let the history tomes created by the irrimiir and vuniir dictate your knowledge.  Expand yourself!

2. General Update

Unfortunately, this site was not the only thing I neglected.  Progress on the story had halted for a time, resulting in me only having some 20 pages down for the story to show for the time.  I will be remedying this folly in the coming weeks, so expect excerpts from chapters three through six in the coming weeks and months!


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