I haven’t done anything.  On here or in my normal life.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve dabbled a bit in language creation.  You heard me a-right: “language creation”.  The irrimiiri, ravvaari, kaa, each race has a language and just like Tolkien (if you somehow managed to drain all of the talent out of his writing hand) I’ve embarked on the quest to create a fully realized language.  The most work has gone into the irrimiiri language “Laeswavu irrialus”.

The plan is to make a post a day with a small tidbit about the vocabulary and grammar; a single two nouns, a verb, possibly some prepositions if it’ll set the mood. *cue John Coltrane*  We’ll tie everything up with a “fully-translated-into-Laeswavu” sentence.

The goal is to get some feedback on what seems excessively unintuitive.  I won’t change everything at every piece of advice because this is a foreign language, so what seems obtuse at first glance will be something that an irrimiir child would have been brought up in.


Ranq omasnan, meteon.


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