Welcome, meteon, to a strange world.

Hello!  My name is Sam.  I am a simple scalvime, a librarian.

I will be using this blog to add information about my upcoming book The Spell-less One (the name\ is still under consideration; this is just the working title).  My hope is that, with the aid of some helpful readers, I can make Irria the truly astounding world I intend it to be.  These posts will span from the mountains of Celvacea to the jungles of Rymoril and skim the dangerous edges of the Fogmarch (stay tuned long enough and you might even learn what those places are 😉 ).

That being said, I feel it necessary to warn you to expect multiple posts of useless drivel but the occasional diamond-in-the-rough.  But do not doubt I will try to make every post as informative and engaging as possible; the prior sentence might just be my pessimistic side talking.  if you feel you’re ready for the insanity then:


I will be moving things around trying to get a better idea of what works.  The new posts have been moved the “The Archives” tab.  Don’t hold in any questions you have; you might burst!  I understand that somethings might be utterly confusing, so post any questions you might have as comments in the “Q&Aa” tab.

Enjoy and keep up to date on the going’s-on in the world of Irria.

NOTE: I set up an account on Worthyofpuplishing.com, follow this link to see it.

– “Tyuma, let us see the stars.  Kiryan, guide us in the morning sun.”


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